About us
Accelerating businesses with the power of AI to achieve a brighter future.

Why work with Atlan?

Real-world impact

Results are at the core of our work. With deep AI know-how across the various industries, we focus on proving tangible impact early on, leading to increased efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, improved employee well-being, and higher revenue.

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Above and beyond

Your success is our priority. We are right by your side, shaping AI solutions that perfectly align with your needs. We're not just consultants; we're your dedicated partners on this exciting journey towards AI-driven growth.

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Human-centric AI

We believe in the power of AI to augment humans. By building hybrid intelligence solutions that are socially responsible, ethical, and legal, we ensure that AI serves as a tool to empower and uplift humanity.

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We co-create with you

We build with clients, not for them. We make sure our clients get the tools, processes and knowledge to thrive in their AI journey, even after we have left.

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Build change that sticks

We guide our clients on a gradual approach to AI transformation, from exploration to market-leading stages. By delivering sustainable impact, we enable our clients to adopt and integrate AI at scale.

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Innovative at heart

Guided by our innate passion for innovation, we constantly seek and research novel AI solutions that drive impact for our clients, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of progress in AI’s ever-changing landscape.

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Our story

Atlan Insights was initially just one woman with a laptop and the ambition to make people use data better for a more strategic and creative work in their daily jobs. Quickly, what was meant to be a side project grew into a powerhouse AI agency in the Nordics.
Now, Atlan Insights is working together with esteemed brand names to make sense of the mountains of data available to us in the digital sphere, shaping how companies do business, and how humans improve their work.


Our commitment to society

At Atlan Insights, we are committed to building and developing safe and secure AI solutions while adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Advocate fairness and transparency

We embed fairness, transparency, and accountability into every stage of AI solution creation, ensuring responsible technology that benefits all.

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Safeguarding privacy and security

Privacy and security principles are incorporated in everything we do. With our approach, you can confidently embrace AI while maintaining the trust of your clients.

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Risk and Compliance

We ensure our AI solutions align with global regulations and frameworks, staying up to date with the latest legal requirements and industry standards.

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From our CEO & Founder

Picture of Atlan Insights' CEO

I’m truly excited to unite the power of people and the power of technology to build a smarter future.
Every step we take is guided by a passion for excellence, and a belief in the potential of AI to improve the way we work and live.
Join us as we blend expertise and innovation to redefine how businesses embrace growth and transformation with AI.

Rocío Bachmaier - CEO & Founder of Atlan Insights
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